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The Wire (2021)

The Wire Poster

1 min

Producer - Ben Fullman / Tim Seyfert

Director - Ben Fullman

Writer - Ben Fullman

Awards & Screenings

Lift-Off Sessions, 2021

Worldwide (online)


O-Region The Roughcut 60-second Film Challenge, 2021


Tim in a screenshot of the wire sitting at a desk writing
Tim in a screenshot of the wire walking in a robe in a sunny day

The Wire is a story about what lengths we will go to to finish our passion projects. In this film, the Writer is about to finish his script when the power goes out on his laptop. When he goes to turn the power on, he notices the wire taking a completely different path. Without hesitation, he follows the wire to its endpoint to complete his masterpiece.

Watch Terminus now over on our Vimeo page - Click Here!

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